How we Work

WHAT IS Convicare?

Convicare is an Online Doctor Consultation Platform where one can have a live chat with a doctor on Web/App. This virtual doctor app provides easy access to a Doctor online via audio, video or chat, as per the customer’s convenience.


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Any registered user can book doctor appointment online where they can undertake online medical consultation, seek online doctor advice, get online prescriptions, and also get online medicine delivery. It also facilitates easy access to diagnostic services.


We'll contact you back

We will call you to understand the problem in detail and allocating the doctor.
From Doctor Consultation What to expect and what not to expect?


Your appointment will be approved

Once the payment is done, we will confirm the appointment with the doctor and provide you an appoitment link.

WHY Convicare?

Healthcare reach has always been a challenge across the globe and especially in India. We understand Healthcare accessibility and affordability should be one of the basic tenets available to all human beings. It is on this idea that DocOnline has been built.

frequently asked questions

Your questions are answered

It wll be easy to use online appointment portal to find the expert you needed from the comfort of your house:
  • Easy And Safe method to meet an expert
  • Cost effectiveness and no waiting
  • Medical Help Anytime, Anywhere
You can call the query manager or whatsapp her for any change in the appointment you need. We will make sure you to get revert in less than 48 hours.
The online appointment can be booked through the various ways of Internet transactions. Platforms like Paytm, Payu, Debit card, Credit Card or wallets can be used.
You will get the refund of 100% if the appointment fails to happen. The same will be reflected in the account within 48-72 hours.
You can take any follow up consultation with the online doctor within 3 days of the last appointment and it will be free of cost.

We do our best to help you

Boon your online consultation with the team of expert doctors in across all the specialty.
CONVICARE introduces a new and unique concept of medical concierges. WE ‘ll be like your personal assistant and handle everything, right from hospital admissions, fixing doctor appointments, to buying equipment, managing bills, getting reports from labs, filing insurance claims, etc.


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"Consultations on Convicare are not a substitute to physical consultation with a doctor or to hospital services. The service should not to be used for emergencies. The service offers expert opinions of qualified doctors and advice on various health conditions, diagnosis and treatment and it does not include a direct medical diagnosis, treatment or prescription. "